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Anti Bullying


Look at all the creative anti-bullying posters



In school we to completed many of the activities to mark Anti-Bullying Week. We work together on a daily basis to create an environment which encourages positive behaviour through making Good Choices instead of Wrong Choices, this includes a non-acceptance of bullying behaviours.

Pupils are aware of acceptable and unacceptable behaviours and these will be reflected in our updated Positive Behaviour Policy which is currently under review. Our anti bullying policy is available on the school website.

Through continued work and exploration of key messages, we will all have a better understanding of what bullying is, what it isn’t and when socially unacceptable behaviour becomes bullying behaviour. Pupils are always encouraged to follow our ‘STOP’ steps – Start Telling Other People (teacher, assistant, principal, parent, friend) to STOP and prevent BULLYING. Please discuss this with your child.




What is bullying?

When anyone says or does something occasionally unintentionally hurtful to you and others that’s RUDE – behaving rudely is socially unacceptable.


When anyone says or does occasionally intentionally hurtful things to you and others that’s MEAN – behaving meanly is socially unacceptable.


When a particular person chooses to pick on you (i.e. targets you) and intentionally keeps on saying and doing things which they know hurt and upset you even when you’ve told them to stop that’s BULLYING BEHAVIOUR.


Rude and Mean Socially Unacceptable Behaviours can include: · name calling or teasing, making things up to get you into trouble, nipping, biting, hitting, punching, pushing, taking or damaging your belongings, taking your friends away from you, spreading unkind rumours or making threats, exclusion from friendship groups.


REMEMBER When someone intentionally targets you, and keeps on saying and doing rude and mean things to upset and hurt you

then their Socially Unacceptable Behaviours




Some stories on how to show Respect

 Sandybottom Seaschool Story.pptxDownload
 Showing Respect - Time to Act.pptxDownload
 Showing respect- Three Bullying Goats Gruff.pptxDownload
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