St Malachy's Primary School

Mrs Walsh P4

 Shared Education

Primary 4 / 5 thoroughly enjoyed their Shared Education day on Tuesday 16th January. After getting to know all their new friends from Millburn in November, day two was a fun filled journey around the world facilitated by a group called Artseckta. The children were involved in six different workshops throughout the day. These included a Chinese fan dance, decorating Mexican skull masks and creating a Polish bookmark by folding and cutting paper. The children also had the opportunity to make Chinese lanterns and dragons. They had a very informative talk about Pakistan and enjoyed trying on some traditional headwear usually worn for prayer; a topi, a hijab and a duppata. Another workshop involved listening to a range of traditional instruments including a harp, a tin whistle and bagpipes.

We look forward to day three of our project, planned for the 22nd February