St Malachy's Primary School

Physical Education

The purpose of Physical Education as a separate area within the primary curriculum is to provide the opportunity for specific attention to be given to the physical development, health and well-being of children.

At St Malachy’s Primary School we aim to contribute to the whole education of the child by enabling them to participate in purposeful physical and sporting activities. The children have access to numerous resources and facilities. They make excellent use of the school's playing field, playground and Assembly Hall.

Within the curriculum the children are given the opportunity to experience a wide variety of individual and team sports. The PE timetable is split between team games and either dance, gym, outdoor activity, swimming or athletics. Swimming lessons take place each week for pupils from Primary 4 - 7 in Coleraine Leisure Centre.

Many of these experiences are enriched in extra curricular activities by drawing on the expertise held within the school's teaching staff.

The school has an excellent sporting history in badminton, netball, soccer and Gaelic games and win many trophies each year in some or all of these areas. Over the past few years the school has provided opportunities for the children to be coached by qualified coaches from Derry GAA board.