St Malachy's Primary School


ICT is an exciting and rapidly changing area and in St Malachy’s Primary School the children are motivated by its inclusion in all aspects of their work. 

At our school, ICT is taught and developed as a cross-curricular subject. The children are using their ICT skills in all subjects to enhance their work at every available opportunity, beginning in Primary One and moving through to the end of Key Stage Two in Primary Seven.

With the onset of C2K initiative St Malachy’s currently have at least two computers in every classroom.  Each classroom has an Interactive Whiteboard which is further complemented by children and teachers having access to additional laptops.  Each class is timetabled for regular lessons in the Computer Suite.  The varied access to and use of ICT enhances the quality of the children’s teaching and learning. The children are also encouraged to learn how to use other communication technology such as digital cameras, digital microscopes and scanners.  

In recent years we have participated in the CCEA ICT Accreditation Scheme at Key Stages 1 & 2.  This has given our pupils throughout the school the chance to develop further their ICT skills. 

We also have our school web-site from which you are reading this.  You will see on our website many examples of children of all ages working at computers.

The school aims to continue to expand its ICT provision as we are aware of how ICT is altering the way children learn and will almost certainly affect their future lives.